VIP Limo Assistance, Amsterdam,
your guide in the Netherlands and Belgium

Your private guide with more than 25 years of experience in the Benelux


High Quality & Professional

We offer high quality transport for touristic, private and business purposes and have over 25 years of experience. Our customers come from all over the world to admire our beautiful country. We also drive the top of national and international corporations, showbusiness and high society. At VIP LIMO ASSISTANCE every guest is a VIP. We are educated guides and make sure that you experience the most interesting and fun tours. Whether your purpose is touristic, private or business, with VIP LIMO ASSISTANCE you will have the best luxury experience.




Flexible and reliable



VIP Limo Assistance offers various tours in the Netherlands and Belgium, and if you desire in Germany and France as well. During these tours you can enjoy and experience the richness of the cultural history. Let our experienced drivers guide you and transport you in style through these beautiful areas. Below you can find a list of our tour destinations.

Financial Roadshow

A Financial Roadshow generally starts and ends at Schiphol. We are at the service of our guests from their arrival until their departure and make sure that everything goes impeccably. Our drivers are trained to drive our guests from destination to destination as quick and efficiently as possible. They are skilled, know the directions and are always up to date about traffic. In case of a traffic jam or other delay they make sure to use alternatives and ensure that the time schedule is followed as strictly as possible. Generally, a time schedule is setup with you or one of your employees before arrival. We also make restaurant recommendations nearby the destination companies. We offer luxury transport, actively contribute to your plans and are flexible, that is what defines us.

Airport meet

The drivers of VIP LIMO ASSISTANCE welcome you at Schiphol at the Meetingpoint. One of our drivers will await you or your clients with an iPad with your logo or name. The Meetingpoint is only a short walk away from the VIP parking so you will not lose any precious time. Whether you arrive for a touristic tour, a financial roadshow or a hotel transfer, we are waiting to welcome you.


Choose from a wide range of luxury cars

VIP Limo Assistance only drives the newest, best, safest and most luxurious Mercedes cars. All of our cars are used for both business and touristic tours.

The following amenities are always offered to our guests in every of our cars: WIFI, bottles of water, sodas, hand soap, napkins and a variety of mints. At request we can offer you a bottle of champagne. You can choose from the following cars: 


For 1 – 3 persons we use the Mercedes S – class. This car is distinguished by its safety, reliability and luxury. The car is very spacious and silent, which enables you to work peacefully and comfortably. Good lightning ensures that you can keep working in the evening. In short, the S-class offers you the ideal driving office. Thanks to the advanced climate control you will feel comfortable at all times. When desired the windows can be shielded. The car is equipped with various screens which can be used for music, television, movies etc. Our cars are always supplied with a newspaper, the newest magazines and chilled bottles of water and soda. Last but not least, the car is equipped with a panoramic roof which increases the tour experience; you will have the best view and not miss a single view of your tour.


For 3 – 7 persons we use the Mercedes V – class. This bus is the ideal means of transportation for groups up to 7 persons. The comfortable chairs can be placed facing each other, which creates an excellent layout for mobile meetings. The V – class is equipped with 220-volt power connections for your laptop or other electronic devices and has good lightning. Moreover, there is a mini fridge filled with water and various sodas. And the climate control system will make you feel comfortable at all times.

VIP Limo Assistance drives for:

Personally Guided Private Tours In Amsterdam, Holland and Belgium with a Professional Dutch Driver.