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VIP Limo Assistance only uses the best, safest and most luxurious vehicles. All our cars are available for both business transport and tourist excursions. You have a choice of the models listed below.


Mercedes S-class, models 2003 and 2006

This car is reknowned for its safety, reliability and comfort. It offers lots of space and is extremely quiet, allowing you to work without any distraction. Itís equipped with excellent reading light, enabling you to work on well into the evening or night. The car is climate-controlled, so youíll always feel comfortable, and the windows can be darkened. In short, the S-class offers you the ideal mobile office.


Mercedes Viano

This van is the ideal mode of transport for groups of up to six people. The comfortable chairs can be positioned to face each other, transforming the Viano into a mobile meeting room. Furthermore, itís equipped with plug-points for your laptop or other electronic appliances and it has a fridge with a selection of soft drinks. The Vianoís climate control provides you with the ideal temperature.



Chevrolet Limited Explorer

The ideal vehicle for luxury transport of groups of up to eight people. This van is equipped with eight big, luxury chairs which can be turned into beds and the height of the car is such that the average person can stand almost upright in it. The Explorer is equipped with climate control, dark windows, fridge, widescreen television and DVD-soundsystem with 14 speakers.